We are Theorem!

We are a global managed services company, helping our clients succeed in the digital world. We run and manage all forms of digital campaigns for brands, publishers, agencies, and platforms. Our client list spans some of the world’s best and most beloved brands and companies

 We believe in our people!

With a bottom-up culture that celebrates diversity and aims for all voices to be heard, Theorem attracts some of the industry’s best talent who lead with data and creativity. 

We are searching for talent!

Theorem is looking for an exceptional Manager / Director of Digital Media Strategy. This role requires the ability to effectively solve clients’ business challenges through analysis and optimization of paid media and website performance. The ideal candidate has comprehensive media and marketing expertise and the skills to provide strategic thought leadership through the customer journey and how to drive business growth.  Our ideal candidates have a deep understanding of media analytics, how consumers interact with various channels and the ability to build omnichannel media strategies.

Responsibilities include: 

Does this sound like you?

Why work for us?

We support remote work and believe in work/life balance.  You will be inspired by our leaders and grow as an individual. We believe that strong teams are diverse, collaborative, and open to new ideas. Our own experiences have taught us that organisations excel when the unique skills and attributes of each individual are coupled with a core belief in unified goals. It is this synergy that pushes and inspires us to strive for excellence both personally and professionally. We are a fun team, who love to celebrate birthdays, host trivia contests, and other team building events. We give back to our communities, by hosting food drives, donating to social justice causes, and building a team that leads with empathy. We offer learning and development opportunities to push your capabilities and increase your knowledge. We have an open-minded leadership team, who thinks that every voice matters.